What Do Bullfrogs Eat?

What Do Bullfrogs Eat?

Reading the Graph
What makes up the largest percentage of the diet of a bullfrog at Rio Mora?
Crayfish at just over 31%

What is surprising about the diet of a bullfrog?
Answers will vary but may include the diversity of their diet, the existence of non-nutritive items such as rocks and mud, or that they are primarily carnivores.

Making Inferences
Is there evidence that bullfrogs are cannibalistic?
Yes, a bullfrog tadpole was found in the stomach contents. The slime might also be evidence that the bullfrogs are eating bullfrog eggs.

How would you characterize the diet of a bullfrog?

Bullfrogs are opportunistic eaters; they eat just about anything that moves and fits into their mouths. The vast majority of the bullfrogs’ diet is invertebrates, but researchers found vertebrates like a snake, mouse, and bird. Mud, sticks, grass, and a rock were also found in the bullfrogs’ stomachs.

Digging Deeper
It is commonly believed that the decline of Leopard Frogs is due, in part, to predation by bullfrogs. Does the data support that idea? Why or why not?

The data does not support the idea. There were no adult leopard frogs found in the stomach contents, nor were there any leopard frog tadpoles. However, it is not known if leopard frog eggs are eaten by bullfrogs so we can’t say for certain that bullfrogs don’t prey on leopard frogs eggs.

Crayfish are not native to the Rio Mora but they are now very abundant. In what way do you think that the bullfrog eradication will impact the Crayfish population?

It is possible that the decline in the bullfrog population will result in an increase in the crayfish population.

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